Nic Gareiss

“The human epitome of the unbearable lightness of being...Gareiss is more fleet of foot than an Olympian sprinter and more buoyant than a helium-filled balloon...his restraint is palpable and freeform flight is inevitable.”

Siobhán Long, The Irish Times


“A show-stopper...the most inventive and expressive step dancer on the scene.  The nimble Gareiss called forth visions of Fred Astaire.”

 – Daniel Gewertz, The Boston Herald

“Mesmerizing…a whirling dervish in tap shoes.”

– Bay City Times

“...a leftfield tour-de-force with irresistible wow factor.”

Michael Dervin, The Irish Times

“...minutely precise, brilliantly witty, hip-twistingly agile movement...”

Rob Adams, The Herald Scotland

“...fluent, expressive dancing, whipping up a soft-shoe storm of subtlety and grace.”

– Laurence Mackin, The Irish Times 

“He is a total joy to watch – music embodied in physique, gesture, movement and muscle; an eye-opener for the ear, as it were, such is the precision, detail and adventure of his sense of rhythm.”

– Paul O’Connor, Last Night’s Fun

“While the lockstep tattoo of their feet echoed around the arena...Gareiss bounced between being a clogger, a vaudeville hoofer, and a flamenco whirlwind.”

– Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

He has honed his skills both academically and artistically blending both attributes into his mesmerizing and very reactive steps to the music he is sharing on stage and with the audience...His demeanor is always joyful but there is considered depth in his every move...a riveting tour de force that equally displayed a subtlety and understanding of percussive dance...

– Paul Keating, The Irish Voice

With a working knowledge in a variety of different traditional percussive dance styles and an academic background to match, Gareiss is able to think well outside the choreographic box.

–  Daniel Neeley, Irish Echo

photo by Chandra Demers